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A streamer and YouTuber from America (Texas), who regularly sits on Twitch, has hit a number of stories because of her popularity. She became a victim of extortionist who managed to hijack her Instagram account. She got up on the dumping of pictures in which her silicone forms are clearly visible (and this, despite the obvious fake essence, is well appreciated among eager fans who are most important to see something and pay a pretty penny, it is not important that everything is completely fake). Sits everywhere under the nickname Amouranth. She was born in 1994 in the US state of Texas. She lived there all her life until she became popular. She was able to gain popularity exclusively by means of the network, starting to stream quite successfully and thereby gaining the trust of various schoolchildren. Gradually, YouTube and Instagram were added to the twitch, where the girl began to post her videos and photos. A lot of candid photos went to lure fans to new donations (in fact, the genre became semi-erotic cosplay, while her ass was generally visible in a number of photos). In September 2019, there was a scandal in general, when during the broadcast, Caitlin's skirt allegedly accidentally lifted and everyone saw all her charms. Gradually, the number of subscribers exceeded a million, and their own problems came with popularity, which resulted in the fact that in 2019 the girl decided to squeeze out the business, namely, to take the Acc on Instagram, in the promotion of which she invested quite well (she obviously had a lot of money and time).