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American conservative journalist, political commentator, writer. He is the author of several bestsellers on US political life, frequently commenting on radio and television, and published in several leading US newspapers and magazines. He has a reputation as a radical conservative and is known for his rather aggressive style of controversy and scandalous statements. Biography Ann Coulter was born in New York City but spent her childhood in Connecticut, New Canaan. After graduating from high school in 1980, she attended Cornell University, where she was also the editor of a local student newspaper. In 1984, she graduated from the University with a bachelor's degree in history and continued her studies at the University of Michigan Law School, graduating with honors in 1988. After graduating from university, she worked for a time as a clerk at the US Federal Court of Appeals in Kansas City. She later practiced privately in New York, but after 1994 began working for the Congressional Legal Committee and as a legal adviser to the Michigan Congressman. Ann Coulter has been frequently published in various publications since her student years, regularly contributed to several publications in the 1990s, and later devoted herself entirely to writing, and is the author of several best-selling books. In addition to journalism, Anne Coulter also frequently appears on television as a commentator, participating in talk shows and political events organized mainly by the Republican Party of the United States. Due to his popularity as a conservative and somewhat controversial commentator, Anne Coulter has also lectured at various educational institutions in the United States.