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Cindy Crawford was born on February 20, 1966 in De Caleb (Illinois, USA). Her father was John Dan Crawford, an electrician. The mother is Jennifer Sue Crawford-Molat (Daughter Walker), a nurse. Two sisters, Chris and Daniel. Cindy also has a brother, Jeff, who died of leukemia when the girl was 10 years old. Cindy Crawford said: “I spent my first years in the wonderful Decalbe. I’m still a girl from the Midwest ... We had a simple life: spacious doors, big gardens, houses full of relatives. "The future model graduated from high school with a high score in 1984. She received a scholarship from Northwestern University, where she studied chemical engineering. A semester later, Crawford dropped out and focused on her modeling career with photographer Victor Screeb in Chicago in 1986. Cindy moved to Manhattan, and was spotted by a newspaper photographer, convincing the girls to be human. Professional modeling began Cindy Crawford's career in the late 1980s. In 1989-2000, the star was the face of the Revlon family. Cindy Crawford married a man from 1991 to 1995. Actor Richard Ger Cindy Crawford said, "My ex-husband was very fond of Tibetan Buddhism, culture and history. At first it was great too. With me Eventually I realized. I realized one more thing - that fact didn’t humiliate me as a human being."In 1992, 1993, and 2000, Crawford made his own exercise instructional videos: Cindy Crawford: Form Your Body, Cindy Crawford: The Next Challenge, and Cindy Crawford: The New Dimension. little town girl.<...> The secret to success is that I'm a simple, sexy American girl, but not dangerous."Cindy became her first actress in 1995, starring Kate McQueen in Andrew Sip's directorial play Fair Play. Crawford also starred in films and series:" The Third Planet from the Sun "(1996-2001)," Monkey Generation "(2000), "The Guards" (2000), "Jim Said" (2001-2009), "The Magician's Place" (2007-2012), "The City of Beasts" (2009-2015), etc. In 1998, the model was a former fashion model. and married Randy Gerber, the owner of the nightclub chain.The couple had one son, Presley (1999) and one daughter, Kaya (2001), who married Cindy Crawford:“It started with the first friendship in my life, and I offered this option to all women. Activity comes and goes, up and down, but if you are really beautiful with someone, you will not find a stronger foundation for a great relationship. Of course, I am more emotional than Randy. "In addition to modeling, Cindy Crawford is also active in philanthropy. The star supports children with blood cancer from her photo calendars. Through its Little Star Foundation, children are discarded and replaced.