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American actress. She was born in Conyers, Georgia, USA. Full name is Hannah Dakota Fanning. The actress's sister is Elle Fanning. Dakota grew up in an athletics family - her father was a former baseball player and her mother was a professional tennis player. Dakota's acting skills were demonstrated at a young age, so her parents enrolled her in a theater not far from home. Teachers recognize the talent of a young actress and advise parents to find a representative for her. In 1999, the family came to Los Angeles on agent advice, where Dakota got his first job in flour advertising. Dakota first appeared on television in the "Ambulance" series (2000). In 2001, she starred in two clever roles in "Father Christmas" and "March Cats," and made her first appearance in a major film in "I Sam" starring with Sean Penn plays the daughter of a hero who fights the mind, who protects her. With her participation in the film, she was nominated for the Dakota Screen Actors Association Award and became the youngest nominee in the history of the award. The Association of Television Critics of the Year has been awarded the "Best Young Actress." In 2002, the actress appeared in three films, "24 Hours", "Stylish Thing" and "Hansel and Gretel". The film "Anger" was released in 2004, starring withDenesel Washington, and in 2005 starred the daughter of actress Robert De Niro in "Hidden and Search Game". All of these films have strengthened Fanning’s success as an actress. Other projects starring in the actress include films such as Nine Lives (2005), World War (2005), Fantasy (2005), Charlotte Web (2006), The Hounds (2007), Flight Long Life (2008), Fifth Dimension (2008), The Dark Saga. The New Moon (2009), The Fugitives (2010), and others.