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Born in 1995 in the UK, Demi, after studying at Walsall College, set out to conquer America. Since childhood, the girl wanted to become a model, but fate has prepared many surprises for her. Being a naive student, Demi flew to Miami, considering this city a "mecca" of world modeling. And indeed it is. In this hot city, an aspiring fashion model becomes the so-called "Taz's Angels". The girl met Tez and his girls at a regular model photo shoot and the company invited a charming British woman to take part in their project. From this moment, namely from 2015, Demi Rose's career, colored by indecent scandals, begins. Note that the Taz's Angels project is not so simple. A rapper named Taz is known by his real name as Michael Williams and is a former pimp. Black "Hugh Hefner" has founded a kind of commune of seven fashion models in his posh mansion in Miami. All the girls, including Playboy's "black dad", are united not only by a six-month contract with the founder of the project. But also by common overt interests. Michael Williams himself has accounts on all major Internet platforms. He has no qualms about promoting the #Sisterwives tag. This tag literally means "wives and sisters". The British newspaper Daily mail has repeatedly written about Demi Rose's unusual and scandalous connections with the Angels project. For the British conservative society, such details are surprising and have been discussed for a long time. But it also served as a huge hit for Demi Rose. The girl gained fame in a short period. The founder of Taz's Angels himself added fuel to the fire of such fame. A rich African American has created a whole reality show as part of the project. Michael showed his life with photo models in a live stream on the YouTube video platform. Seven months later, Demi Rose returns home to the UK with the laurels of the most controversial model in the world.