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Full name - Denise Lee Richards (Denise Lee Richards). She was born on February 17, 1971 in Joliet (Illinois, USA), and later moved to Los Angeles (California), where she now lives. Graduated from El Camino School in Oceanside, California in 1989. As a child, Denise and her sister "fell ill" with cinema. But they never dreamed of becoming actresses. Apparently due to low self-esteem. Denise lacked self-confidence because everyone in school made fun of her. Due to her awkwardness and large plump lips, classmates gave her the nickname "fish lips". The blonde left-hander somehow had to cope with ridicule and therefore, secretly falling in love with the idol of her generation, John Travolta, she promised herself that she would become famous to the envy of everyone who laughed at her. So already at school, she had an irresistible desire to become a fashion model. And yet Denise hoped for something more, especially after the "star" fate was predicted to her by an Indian sorcerer. It happened when her parents sent her and her sister to the mountains for a weekend to distant relatives. Lost in the woods, they finally came out into a clearing with a wigwam, from where an old Indian came out to meet them, who made an indelible impression on the girls. Without parting with a huge pipe, he invited them to tell fortunes on a deer blade. Then Denise for the first time heard that she would definitely become a famous actress. In 1989, she went to New York and got a job at a photo agency. Soon, the first advertisement with her participation appeared - Denise advertised cosmetic products and bathing accessories. For a short time, Richards worked as a model, however, without much success - her height was not at all model, only 168 cm.