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Her childhood was not very joyful. The father drank, used drugs, beat his wife and daughter. The girl early learned what the bohemian hangouts of Los Angeles were. Mother carried her with her everywhere. She had to communicate not with her peers, but with her mother's adult friends. She did not have a childhood as such, but an acting career began to take shape. Drew Barrymore knows what early pop is. Already at two years old she was filmed in "Unexpected Love", at the age of five - in the film "Gods". When she was seven years old, she managed to win the favor of Steven Spielberg, who approved the girl for the role, with her spontaneity during the auditions for the picture "Alien". The released movie immediately became one of the cult films. He was also financially successful and the girl became a celebrity. There were many proposals from directors. Drew starred in Eyes Igniting, Irreconcilable Contradictions. For her role in the last of them, she was nominated for a Golden Globe. Growing up, in 1986 she starred in the movie Children in Toyland. The freaky Lisa from the movie made the teen a superstar. This was followed by shooting in "Secret Love" and the movie "Fifteen-year-olds are on the mend." The directors took pictures of the girl willingly, but they were hampered by her disagreements with the police over the possession of drugs, the scandalous reputation of a teenager. Drew Barrymore later recalled the bad habits that appeared early in her. At the age of 9, she became addicted to alcohol, a year later she tried marijuana, and two years later she became addicted to cocaine. At the age of fourteen, she became depressed and attempted suicide. After leaving the hospital, she decided to start life anew, but she was not offered the main roles for a long time. Drew's popularity trials did not change.