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American film actress. She was born on August 14, 1966 in Cleveland (Ohio, USA). Her father, black American Jerome Barry, was a medical professional, and her mother, white-skinned Judith Barry, worked as a nurse in psychiatry. Holly has an older sister, Neidi. Parents divorced when Holly was 4 years old and her mother was engaged in raising children. She first attracted attention when at the age of 17 she performed in a beauty pageant and became first "Miss Ohio" and then "Miss America". In 1986, Holly entered one of Cleveland's colleges to study radio journalism, but did not finish her studies, but chose a career as a model in scientific research. And acting classes in Chicago. She worked for the renowned cosmetics company Revlon for a long time and was eventually recruited in 1989 for the television series Living Dolls. Two years later she made her debut in big cinema - in 1991 she played in the film "Jungle Fever". The list of her films is growing. After filming a live version of the children's animated film "The Flintstones" (1994), the actress turned to more serious roles, playing in the psychological drama "The Case of Isaiah" (1995). Although critical reviews of Berry's acting were controversial, the role allowed her to move beyond the comedy genre. But the real recognition came after Martha Coolidge's television film Meet Dorothy Dandridge (1999), in which she played the legendary black American actress Dorothy Dandridge, who died tragically in 1965. This role brought Holly her first major awards - Golden Globe and Emmy (both in 2000). In 2000, Barry will have another successful film job. She played the mutant girl Storm, who can control the weather, in the X-Men movie. Thanks to this role, the actress becomes famous all over the world. Winner of the Golden Globe Awards (2000) and Emmy Awards (2000). In 2002, she became the first African American actress to receive an Oscar for Best Actress (in Monster's Ball). This dizzying success was followed by equally deafening failures - "Gothic" (2003) and "Catwoman" (2004). For the last film she was awarded a comic prize "Golden Raspberry". Unlike the other laureates, Berry appeared at the ceremony and accepted the award, stating that it was required to touch the very bottom in order to return to the top. On April 4, 2007, Halle Berry won a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. On March 16, 2008, the actress gave birth to a daughter.