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American film, television actress and model. Helston was born in Los Angeles on May 10, 1993. She was not interested in show business, and that is why, she devoted all her time to her studies. She played sports and planned to become a dentist, until suddenly at the age of 14 she realized that she wanted to become an actress. She decided to start with a modeling business, since she had excellent parameters, and it would be easier to break into show business. Her debut on television was the series "Victorious", after which she appeared in the film "The First Time". And in 2012, she landed the lead role on Nickelodeon's How To Light It Up, in which she starred. In just four years of her career, she has taken part in over fifteen successful projects. And her most famous projects over the past year are "Neighbors on the Warpath" and the film adaptation of the novel "Paper Cities".