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Hanabi is a member of the Hyuga clan and daughter of Hiashi. Her father decided to focus on her education, despite the fact that her older sister was to become the future leader of the clan. Although she seems simpler than her older sister, in fact, she is more confident and stronger than her. Hanabi is respectful of his father, quiet and polite. Girls from an early age compete with each other, as their father requires. Hinata resists his will and cannot fight with full force, as required of her, but Hanabi acts decisively. However, even considering his age, Hanabi is not inferior to Hinata. She is able to withstand grueling training when Hinata is already barely standing on her feet. Kunoichi attends the third stage of the Chunin Exam. The girl watches Neji fight and is amazed at how well he was able to master the special powerful techniques of his clan.