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Miku Hatsune is a virtual Japanese singer. The creators of the project are Crypton Future Media. The launch of the hologram artist's career took place in August 2007: she still has thousands of fans and remains one of the most popular vocaloids in the world. The announcement of the new project was announced by Crypton Future Media in July 2007. Then the professionals who worked on Miku's image and voice were 90% finished. Already at the beginning of August, the name of the singer was announced - Hatsune. In anticipation of the new Vocaloid character, the Japanese were already preparing to buy tickets for her concerts and special fan attributes. Miku's voice in the original version belongs to the voice and dubbing actress - Saki Fujita. The program, created specifically for the virtual singer, is designed to generate J-pop and dance-pop music. Tracks like this are often heard by fans of anime cartoons. Japanese culture is very specific and incomprehensible to a person brought up in the conditions of European traditions. The singer has become a lively anime cartoon character, captivating viewers and fans with her ideal appearance and a voice pleasing to fans. One of the country's leading illustrators, KEI Garou, worked on the image of Hatsune. This became an excellent marketing ploy - most of the Japanese population is very fond of the artist's work. Due to the fact that Miku's image and repertoire was created and perfected completely for Japanese culture, this project became a bestseller. The singer's albums and singles topped the leading music charts, and Hatsune's pleasant and familiar appearance for the Japanese took over store shelves. It is interesting that the Europeans also liked the futuristic nature of the project: the convenience of Miku's production and her success amazed many leading figures of the world show business. Miku's way of realizing also evokes admiration. In fact, being an image, the virtual singer moves very naturally and even manages to communicate with fans during concerts. In his live performances, Hatsune is broadcast on a huge transparent screen. The special effects, the well-thought-out scenario of the show and the number of audience in the hall are impressive - as if Miku is still one of the most popular and demanded projects in Japan.