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Fourteen-year-old Jennifer Lawrence announced that she would be an actress and when she left for New York two years later to make her dream come true, most of her classmates, friends and parents did not take it seriously. They hope that the girl will return very quickly without enduring trials and tribulations. However, Jennifer Lawrence Schrader realized her dream: the 26-year-old actress is the owner of the biggest awards in world cinema, including the Oscar, and nearly three dozen in her film. Jennifer Lawrence was born into a simple American family in a small town in Kentucky. She is the youngest of three children. From an early age, the girl loved the stage and participated in all theatrical performances in the local church. At the age of 14, Jennifer Lawrence finally made a decision about her future career: she decided to become an actress. To make her dream come true, the future celebrity girl graduated from an outpatient clinic and received graduation papers at the age of 16. Obedient to the girl's persuasion, her parents took her to New York. Jennifer Lawrence went through several audiences to find the agency. Despite the lack of experience and special education, this girl’s acting skills are highly valued. Jennifer Lawrence gave her first role to audiences who showed off her talents. In 2006, the young actress made her debut in the Detective Monk series. A year later, the name Jennifer Lawrence appeared in the credits of three small series. In 2008, the actress in the film "Desire" was given the opportunity to star in a feature film. Despite Jennifer Lawrence taking on small roles, this is an important event in the girl’s creative biography. The film actress received her first award at the Los Angeles Film Festival for her work in the 2008 film Poker House. Jennifer Lawrence won. The drama "Burning Equality" gained international acclaim after its appearance at the box office. Although the film did not receive high praise from critics and audiences, the actor Jennifer Lawrence won the Venice Film Festival award.