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The eldest daughter in the family of Kimberly Bill and entrepreneur Edward Bill was Jessica, who was born on March 3, 1982. Her family moved frequently. So, Jessica at various times of her childhood lived in Texas, Connecticut, Woodstock, and then finally remained in Colorado. Frequent movements around the country did not prevent little Jessica from developing her talents. She was taught to sing, in which she really excelled at an early age - she managed to get roles in famous musicals: "Annie", "The Sound of Music", "Beauty and the Beast". In 1994, she won the Los Angeles Young Talent Competition. At the same event, she was spotted by a modeling agency, which offered her a job. The beginning of her modeling career only benefited Jessica. She starred in print ads and was, for example, the heroine of the Pringles advertising campaign, and also received barely visible roles in television projects. However, already at the age of 14, she received a unique opportunity to become famous - she was given a role in the youth TV series "Seventh Heaven", produced by Aaron Spelling. In the same 1996, she also got a role in the film "Uli's Gold", for which Jessica was awarded the Young Artist Award. In 1998, she got a role in another film - "I'll be home for Christmas" - and continued to appear in the TV series "Seventh Heaven", but her heroine in this project, who fixed the image of a good girl for Jessica, played a cruel joke with her. This role prevented her from getting a role in the film "American Beauty", after which Bill immediately decided to leave the series, but because of the contract she was unable to do so. It turned out to be terminated only after Jessica appeared on the cover of Gear magazine in a scandalous photo shoot in which she appeared in a half-naked state. The next notable appearance in film projects for Jessica was the film "Rules of Sex". Then the roles came across better and better, at least commercially - she starred in the films "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "Blade: Trinity". Jessica managed to really show all the power of her acting skills only in 2006, when she took part in the filming of the drama "The Illusionist". The picture itself is still not forgotten, and during its appearance was incredibly popular, and also received awards from several film festivals. The actress herself also won two awards for her role. In the future, such ups in Jessica's career did not happen. Good roles appeared, but were not so successful. Notable acting work after "The Illusionist" was the role in the motion picture "The Prophet", in which Nicolas Cage was her script partner. 2008 saw the premiere of Easy Behavior, in which the actress co-starred with Ben Barnes and Colin Firth. The next successful films with her participation were "Team-A", "Valentine's Day" and "Man in great demand". In 2000, Jessica Bill began a long-term romance with actor Chris Evans. They broke up in 2006, after which the actress did not have a serious relationship for some time. She met with colleague on the TV series "Seventh Heaven" Adam LeVorgn, then - with the athlete Derek Jetter. At the end of 2006, information appeared that Justin Timberlake became her new boyfriend, in 2008 they talked about their engagement. In 2011, they broke up, but only for a while - after the reunion, they got engaged, and in August 2012 they secretly got married.