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Ironically, some people who never thought of acting in films become screen stars. There are many reasons for this metamorphosis. It is important to note that we are talking about pornographic films. Some come to the set in search of thrills, others are attracted by the opportunity to make money “easy”. The famous actress Kendra Sunderland was born on June 16, 1995 in an ordinary American family. The parents lived in the capital of Oregon, Salem. Father and mother worked in a local clinic where they treated cancer. The girl did not stand out in any way from the circle of her peers. From an early age she was taught to be independent and accountable for her actions. After graduating from school in 2013, Kendra decided to get a specialized education at the psychological department of a local university. However, a year later, she became disillusioned with her chosen profession and moved to the Faculty of Economics to get a specialty of an accountant. From that moment on, the parents stopped transferring money to their daughter for study and living. The girl had to earn money as a maid, but the money was still not enough. In 2015, to somehow make ends meet, Sunderland sent out her resume to local restaurants in hopes of getting a job as a waitress. But she did not receive a single answer. Then Kendra tried to get creative and demonstrate himself in an erotic video chat. She did not make much money, but she received good advice - to demonstrate her show in a public place. And then the income will be significantly higher. In both word and deed: a Sunderland student recorded a half-hour video of her getting naked and masturbating. This whole procedure takes place in the university library. The result exceeded all expectations. In a couple of hours, Kendra made $ 700. The consequences developed rapidly. The police arrested the girl for indecent behavior. She was expelled from the university with the same wording. At the same time, the young model became famous among professionals in the adult painting industry. Literally two weeks later she was invited to the editorial office of Playboy magazine and offered a decent fee for a candid photo session. The career of a pornographic actress developed rapidly. For four years, Kendra starred in forty films. In 2017, Sunderland won the AVN Award for Best Sex Scene. Little is known about the actress's personal life. She has four brothers and sisters. Two seniors and two younger ones. Kendra loves and knows how to cook. The actress maintains a relationship with a young man. Whether they will become husband and wife is not known.