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American actress, star of youth TV series of the 90s and early 2000s. The rapid growth of fans is associated with the transition of the artist to the field of cinema with a mark of 18+. The American TV star was born in the Californian city of Long Beach in February 1977, on the 3rd. Mother Cynthia Joy Ward and father Robert W. Welkos, until the age of 16, did not greatly favor her acting. It is known that she is the only child in the family. According to Wikipedia, the girl was given the name Ashley Maitland Welkos at birth. At the start of her creative biography, she decided to take a pseudonym from her middle name and mother's surname: Maitland Ward. The actress graduated from the University of California, and also studied theater skills at the New York University. At a young age, she was cast for the first project of her filmography - the series "Daring and Beautiful." It happened in 1994. The American sitcom presented the debut role of the heroine Jessica Foster. For her performance in a serial melodrama, Ward was awarded in the "Young Actor" nomination. After a successful appearance on the screen, the red-haired actress played minor roles in the TV series "Big Repair" and "School of the USA". Ward's first feature film was the 1997 dramatic thriller Teaching Mr. Griffin a Lesson. Only in 1998, in the 6th season of the popular youth television series "The Boy Meets the World", the young actress was recognized as Rachel McGuyer. The show was produced by Disney Channel. The role of the charming roommate of two friends Jack and Eric brought not only fame, but a certain stamped image of a perky girl. In the early 2000s, Ward added Daredevil and Boston School to his filmography. The latest TV series from director Jonathan Pontell had a good response even from the Russian audience. Film search rating 7.5. The full-length comedy White Chicks has become the highest-grossing movie in coverage for Maitland. Here she played the role of Brittany Wilson and worked on the same site with the famous brothers Marlon and Sean Wayans. On the eve of his 30th birthday, Ward moves to New York and suddenly moves away from the typical film industry. The girl gradually became involved in the 18+ genre. By 2013, when the rapid development of social networks began, the actress began to publish explicit videos with naked parts of her body. Photos of a girl with completely bare breasts began to appear on the Internet. And this was not the drain of her personal archive - she herself initiated such material. The main platforms are snapchat and instagram. The girl received a lot of attention after participating in the Comic Con festival. It was from the images of cosplay, including princesses from Disney, that the target audience began to recognize her. True, it was predominantly male part of Internet users. The society reacted ambiguously to the new direction of the idol of the youth of the 90s. In 2014, the tabloids criticized Ward for appearing on the red carpet without underwear. At that time, she had a contract with Disney, but the roles that were offered to her no longer attracted the artist. In an interview, Maitland noted that she had already grown out of the role of a groovy and young "neighbor". Everyone who played Ward, she outgrew and she was threatened only by the images of exemplary "mothers". Due to the new hobby, the actress's agent asked to stop discrediting herself with indecent photos. Otherwise, she will have to leave the Disney studio, which at that time launched a project with the continuation of the cult series of the 90s and was waiting for Maitland for an age role. As a result, the girl quit her job and defined her creative biography as an actress in adult cinema. She first appeared in author videos on special platforms with 18+ content. According to Ward, she did not expect such a high rating and good earnings only on donations. In July 2019, the red-haired cosplayer entered into a contract with Society 15. Maitland has no regrets about quitting mainstream cinema. She calls the main arguments - self-realization and high earnings. For a month of publication on a well-known hosting of adult films, in which the artist starred, she earned 62 thousand dollars. As of April 2020, Ward's Instagram has 1.3 million curious fans, and the star's twitter is followed by about 400 thousand people. Here she shared the highlights of her new interview with Deeper, titled “The Beauty of Woman”. Important events of the current year were 6 awards for contributions to the entertainment industry for adults - 3 from the AVN Award and 3 from the XBIZ Award. Among them all, Ward received the titles as Best Supporting Actress, Feature Film and Favorite Webcam Cosplayer. Maitland's Instagram has published photos and stories from the awards ceremony.