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American actress and pop singer. Her mother is Letitia Jean Cyrus, and her father is the famous American country musician Billy Ray Cyrus. The real name is Destiny Hope, literally translated as "Dream of Fate" (parents gave this name to their daughter because they believed she would achieve many things in life). In 2008, the singer officially changed her name from Destiny Hope to Miley Ray. She has three brothers (children of her ex-parents) and one brother and a sister. The future celebrity grew up on a large farm in the Nashville neighborhood and regularly went to church. When the girl was 8 years old, her family moved to Canada temporarily, where Miley's father played a role in the Doc series. Seeing his work drove Cyrus to an acting career, and she led her to song and drama courses in Toronto. She starred in the same-name Dock series. At the age of 11, both a national high school student and a music superstar learned about the audience for Hannah Montana, a television show about an ordinary girl living a double life. Cyrus was listened to the role and, although she was initially refused as very young, she eventually landed a lead role due to her resilience. The play made the ambitious actress very popular among teenagers. Cyrus’first major film role was Lola in series “Summer. My classmate. Love,” where played Demi Moore as the mother of her hero, a rebel schoolgirl.