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Ukrainian model Alla Monchak has been working in the porn industry for over twelve years and is a very popular actress and superstar. In show business, she is known under the stage name Nikki Benz. The most significant achievement of the Ukrainian actress in her entire career was the victory in the 2011 Pet of the Year nomination in Penthouse magazine. This was the real recognition of her as a megastar. It all started with the move of her family from Ukraine to Canada. After settling in Toronto, her mother takes two jobs at once to support her family. They lived without a father - Nikki, her two younger sisters, and a mother. The future model had to earn money herself to pay for college tuition, where she received her law degree. Benz got a job at a strip club. Her boyfriend once showed her a porn movie starring the legendary Jenna Jamison, of which he was a fan. The young girl was amazed at the beauty of a porn star, and she wanted to star in something like that. She envisioned the opportunity to become an actress as a chance to find material freedom for herself and her family. The girl typed in google "director of adult films", chose one of the names, and sent her photos to his e-mail. So her porn career began. The actress says: "To work in porn, you need to be able to critically evaluate your work and be able to laugh at yourself." She recalls one of the incidents that happened on the set when everyone laughed at her, and she found the strength to laugh at herself too. In one of the episodes, when, according to the script, a pizza delivery man came to her, she opened the door and crashed to the floor, because she was given shoes with huge heels that she had not worn before. It was unpleasant from the fall, unpleasant from the laughter of the group, but she survived this moment. In addition to her work, the Ukrainian model is fond of the hip-hop musical direction. She tries to sing herself and does it well. She dreams of performing with Lil Wayne and Eminem. The girl takes acting lessons and her idols are Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Onset, Nikki Benz loves to dominate M + F scenes, she loves latex and has several custom-made costumes for her. It is in great demand by many studios and various entertainment clubs. The actress says that there are periods of such intense work that it is possible to sleep only on airplanes. A successful model works for in one of the shows. She co-operates with Fuel TV on one of the most significant sporting events in the United States, the Super Bowl, and provides commentary on the American Football Finals from the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. In the spring-summer 2015 period, Penthouse films are being shot in Costa Rica and Europe. Her plans are to become a music producer and run for mayor of Toronto. A successful Ukrainian woman has outlined cosmic heights for herself and is confidently heading towards them.