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When Scarlett was born, her parents divorced and left. Scarlett herself, her sister Vanessa (also an actor), Uncle Adrian and twin brother Hunter live in two homes: New York and Los Angeles. The girl attended Lee Strasbourg School of Activity in New York from an early age. The beginning of her acting career can be considered as in Los Angeles debut. At the age of eight she was engaged in production - "Sofia". Scarlett Johansson's first film role was in a Northern film. She has always stood shoulder to shoulder with the well-known hobbyist Elijah Wood. Then came her first lead role, "Manny and the Law." The young actress was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award. Soon the first glory came. Although only fourteen years old, she was recognized for her role in the Robert Redford film The Conjurer. Despite her age, Scarlett Johansson has gained worldwide recognition, winning several awards and nominations. All are prominent psychological figures like Sophia Koppola’s “Lost in Translation” by Charlotte. The star of Scarlett in the film is the experienced Bill Murray. The same year another successful film was released - "The Girl Who Loved Pearl". Here Scarlett shows herself as a good actress. Work began in 2005 with the famous Woody Allen. Their first film was Match Point. Good luck right away! The film has a gross of $ 80 million. Soon a new project appeared - "Sensation", followed by a light and dynamic - "Vicky Christina Barcelona". The actress is actively working with other directors. In turn, pictures of various genres were born: detective stories - "Black Orchid", comedy - "Baby Diaries", historical film - "Another of the Boleyn family", a big picture - "Iron Man 2". Johansson's talented performances were also questioned in theaters. For her role in the play - "From the Bridge" - "Tony". The prestige of this theatrical award can be compared to the Oscar in the film industry. Scarlett Johansson’s success is a natural consequence of not only ability but also the highest efficiency. She will not stop here. In May 2008, vocalist Johansson put her head down with her first album. In 2009, the Break Up album was recorded by American singer and guitarist Pete Jorn. In 2012, Scarlett was named on a personal star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.