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For starters, Shannon changed her name to Shannin, changing only one letter in it. The second stage of self-realization was admission to the Los Angeles dance academy Dance Unlimited. In parallel, the future star starts working as a DJ in several small clubs. True, the money that could be bailed out from the scrolling of vinyl was not even enough for food, not to mention the entertainment that a young, impetuous soul demanded with incredible force. I had to look for additional sources of income. All sorts of coffee shops, bars, supermarkets, where she had to work as a waitress, dancer and even an ordinary saleswoman, became a place of part-time work for her. With such a portfolio, the girl did not have much ... But one day a tipsy casting director mistook Sossamon for a clone of Angelina Jolie. And it turned out to be that lucky chance. A skinny brunette with huge brown eyes had to copy Jolie. She did not succeed in doing this very well, but her slightly loosened plastic and toothy smile were noticed. For a young starlet, she seemed somewhat gloomy, but she did much better at portraying an intelligent shy girl.