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American actress, known for the TV series "Crime Scene Investigation: New York" and "Graceland". Vanessa Ferlito is an Italian American. Born in Brooklyn, her parents owned a store. Her father died when Vanessa was only three years old, but her mother did everything for the children to receive an education. Filming Vanessa Ferlito began in 2001, her first roles were in TV series such as "The Sopranos", "24 hours", "Law and Order". The first big hit came with her work in the series "Crime Scene Investigation New York", where she played the role of detective Aiden Burns. She was then invited to play in Spider-Man 2, Grindhouse, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. In 2013, Vanessa Ferlito was invited to star in the TV series "Graceland" as FBI agent Catherine (Charlie) DeMarco. Vanessa Ferlito gave birth to a child in 2007. She is a vegetarian and a member of PETA / People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Vanessa Ferlito has repeatedly used the services of plastic surgeons - she changed the shape of her nose, however, she was unhappy with the results of the operation and made lip contouring.