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Danielle Andrea Harris was born on June 1, 1977 in the American city of Daytona Beach, Florida. She became the second daughter of the Harris family. Daniel started her acting career from an early age. Her obsession with cinema and television was supported by her mother, who accompanied the girl to numerous auditions. Soon, the young brown-eyed brunette won a children's beauty contest, gaining first fame in the world of show business. For the sake of her career, the whole family moved to New York, where Daniel was invited to shoot commercials. Harris made his cinematic debut on the television series One Life to Live. For three years of work in this project, the girl gained acting experience and gained relative popularity among viewers. In 1988, eleven-year-old Danielle was cast in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988). In a heartfelt thriller, she played little Jamie Lloyd, who lost her mother in a car accident. The heroine is constantly tormented by nightmares about a mysterious man who, in fact, turns out to be a cruel maniac Myers. The tape achieved box office success, surpassing the production budget three times in the American box office, and glorified the aspiring actress. A year later, she starred in the sequel "Halloween 5" (1989), but did not appear in the sixth part: according to rumors, due to the requirement for too high a fee. However, the actress actively participated in other projects: "Marked for Death" (1990), "Nightmare" (1991), "The Killing Mind" (1991), "Don't Tell Mom The Nanny Died" (1991), literally growing up on the set sites. At 19, she played Ashley in the box-office thriller Daylight (1996), which tells the story of disaster victims seeking light at the end of a tunnel. The film won an Oscar nomination. A couple of years later, Danielle again found herself on the crest of popularity, starring in the horror film "Urban Legends" (1998), which tells about a quiet college town, which was rocked by a series of bloody murders committed with brutal cruelty. The film fell in love with the broad masses, and the fame of the queen of horrors was even stronger for the actress. Soon she was invited to voice the cartoon "The Wild Thornberry Family". In 2009, Danielle acted as an assistant director on the horror film Prank, where she also performed the lead role. In 2012, the 35-year-old movie star presented an independent directorial work - the full-length film Among Friends, where she told the story of how a young man at a party took his company hostage to reveal secrets that friends hide from each other. In addition, Harris expanded her collection of roles in horror films with the projects "Halloween 2", "Bloody Night", "Cyrus", "Ax 2", "Land of the Vampires", "Victim" "Buried 2", "Night of the Devil", " Trembling "and others. Due to the current role, Daniel, even in real life, has repeatedly become the heroine of exciting stories. So, in 1995, just after the star played the role of the victim of the maniac Michael Myers, the actress began to pursue a crazy fan named Christopher Small. He threatened to kill Danielle and her entire family, and once broke into the apartment with a rifle and a teddy bear in his hands. It was later revealed that the maniac was possessed by another character of Harris - the charming Molly from the TV series "Rosanna" (1988-1997).