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Lee Taylor-Young was born on January 25, 1945 in Washington, DC, USA. Her double surname is a combination of the names of her father, diplomat, and stepfather. The future screen star spent her childhood in Oakland, Michigan, and graduated from High School in Birmingham. Before entering Northwestern University in the Department of Economics, she worked part-time at the Detroit theater, preparing the scenery and cleaning the stage after performances. However, she left her studies to pursue a career and the opportunity to make her Broadway debut in Three Bags Full. On this occasion, Lee Taylor said later:. Lee Taylor landed her first television role as Rachel Wells in the 1966 television series Peyton Place, starring Ryan O'Neill and Ed Nelson. Her character was introduced to the show to replace Allison McKenzie, played by Mia Farrow. The show's producer, Everett Chambers, hired the actress on an already popular project because of her great warmth and angelic qualities that Farrow did not possess. Influenced by Paul Monash, writer, executive producer and director of Peyton Place, Lee Taylor immediately signed a seven-year contract to star in film and television. She later told the press:. Having met Ryan O'Neill on the set of the same "Peyton Place", she soon married him. She spoke about filming a television series in an interview in April 1967: Despite the enormous popularity of the series, in 1967 Lee Taylor decided to leave Peyton Place, citing her pregnancy. However, his film career did not end there, and a seven-year contract was a reminder of that. The first film on this list was the melodrama "I Love You, Alice B. Toklas!" starring Peter Sellers. The film was commercially successful, and gave the actress a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress Debut in an Actress. This was followed by a joint appearance in 1969 with her husband Ryan O'Neill in the drama "Big Theft". Over the next few years, there were roles in big budget films such as Adventurers and The Horsemen. In 1971, Lee Taylor starred in The Gang That Can't Shoot, starring Jerry Orbach and Robert De Niro. One of the most famous roles of that period was perhaps Shirl's role in the science fiction film Green Soylent, set in 2022, about the enormous pollution of the environment that led to the greenhouse effect and the disappearance of most of the water and plant resources. For almost ten years after appearing in "Green Soylen", Lee Taylor's career did not develop so quickly, but there were reasons for that - the actress did not want to devote herself entirely to art, and focused on raising her son Patrick O'Neill. Personal life In 1967, Lee Taylor-Young married actor Ryan O'Neill, a co-star on Peyton Place. Their wedding was spontaneous, in Hawaii during a promotion for the series - the manager of the ABC channel invited the couple to get married right in their house. The marriage gave birth to a son, Patrick, a sportscaster, but Lee Taylor and Ryan divorced in 1973. In 1978, the actress remarried producer Guy McElwine, whom she also divorced.